Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Any News?"

This is a popular question these days. Here is what I can tell you.We are still here and we are still adopting! :) We are choosing not to announce the details until we reach a certain point in our process, and that will likely be months from now, but we are moving forward, and it feels so good to be able to say that!

This road may not always take us to the destination that we imagined it would when we first began the journey, and that is ok. I am learning to soak up the good the stuff along the way. Take in the scenery. When you sprint to the finish line, you miss a lot. When you meander, even if you get turned around along the way, you have more opportunities to notice the little things. The subtle beauty around you. When the road is longer than you expected, and you become weary and worn, you feel muscles that you never noticed before. You learn your strength is more than you gave yourself credit for. And when the road is just too hard and too long to bear, when you fall, you give others the opportunity to help you back up. They get a chance to be your shoulder to lean on and this blesses them as much as it does you.

Ok, moving on from the metaphors now. I am growing, learning, and strengthening my faith through this process. I am thanking God that he is not finished with me yet. For my friends and family that have worried about mine and my husband's stress levels and general well being, please know that we are in a really good place right now and have real peace about our adoption, and just our lives in general. Yes, we are still anxious to have our family complete, but we are truly blessed right where we are. I personally feel better emotionally and spiritually that I have in a while. We still don't know what the end picture will look like exactly for us regarding adoption, but we're ok with that. We are moving forward with peace in our hearts and following where we feel God is leading us.

So, whatever road you make be walking now, take courage! The author of your story has yet to write the last chapter!

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  1. What a great, inspiring post! Loved it. Thinking of you and following anxiously!