Saturday, August 23, 2014

Life At Home

We've been home now for almost 3 months. Jerome still has good days and bad days. Next month, he will have surgery at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. The results from a biopsy will give us some answers as to what will be next for Jerome. There could be more surgeries, or we could be done. We are praying that his body heals without the need for more surgeries. I'm anxious about him going under general anesthesia. He's just so small. We would really appreciate your prayers for this surgery, that all will go  well. I hate that he has to be poked and prodded and handled by more strangers. I feel like he hasn't had a break from that in the 5 months since we met him. More doctors, more nurses, scary unfamiliar places, people, sights, sounds, smells. Its hard on him. He's not a fan of any of it, and I can't blame him.

Despite what feels like a constant wave of change, Jerome has really blossomed in these 3 months since being home. He is eating calmly and isn't crying near as often at the end of a meal. He only occasionally falls apart over an empty bottle, and I just hold and reassure him that there is always more. Mommy and Daddy always give you what you need and you are ok. He calms more quickly, usually nuzzling into my neck, his favorite spot.

He freely gives hugs and kisses and likes to hold his sister's hand in the car. He calls her "Lella" and its just about the sweetest thing ever. He went to his cousin's birthday party and seemed secure in this new environment. He happily played and cuddled with his Nana. Another milestone.

Daddy takes care of bedtime. This took some persistent practice, but he now treasures this special time with Daddy. When Richard comes home from work, Jerome throws his arms in the air as soon as he sees him, so excited to be in the arms of his Daddy. After dinner, its lotions and pajamas, bedtime stories, the rocking chair and a bottle. I get a little break to make sure the big kids are getting homework done and take care of dinner and J and Daddy get their special bonding time. A new rhythm for our little family is taking shape and I think its comforting for all of us.

The big kids started school this week, so our days are back to that whole mess of happy chaos. Jerome will be learning about car lines, practices, lessons, games and concerts. Sorry, kiddo. That is the plight of the American student. :) Thank goodness for Lighting McQueen and baby food in pouches to keep him entertained in those long car lines! We also sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Patty Cake." Jerome is really good at forming his little star with his thumbs and pointer fingers together. Cutest. Ever. He also likes to do the "Patty Cake" motions and giggles when he tickles his own hand while "marking it with a B..." Today, he can point out his nose, mouth, and ears. He comes close with eyes, but usually misses and gets his forehead instead. :)

I'm sorry I am still not posting photos. I may have to move my blog altogether. There are so many photos that I want to share and they just will not upload here! If any of  you have any ideas about that please share!

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