Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Christmas Miracle!

Yesterday we spoke with our adoption coordinator. She told us that we should be hearing big news regarding our adoption very soon. Possibly within the next 10 days, but surely before Christmas. We have been praying after a year's worth of waiting for some good news, that we would receive a Christmas miracle. The hint at the end of my previous post was kind of a statement of faith for me. "A a miracle on the way." It's time. We need good news. A glimmer of hope. I set an alarm on my phone today, to go off in exactly 10 days and if we hadn't heard some good news about our adoption, I was going to call our dear, sweet, adoption coordinator and really give her and earful! July 9th. July 9th is the day that our lives were forever changed. We received our referral! Today, we are beyond thrilled to share with you OUR SON. Yes, WE PASSED COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introducing, Isaiah Jerome, our precious baby boy!!!!!

He is 9 months old, weighs 13 pounds, and he is absolutely perfect!
But that's not all!
We also PASSED CONA!!!!
We have our Act of Adoption!!!!
Thank you, Jesus! We stand in awe of our God. This is truly nothing short of a miracle considering the current state of adoptions in Isaiah's birth country.
So, what's next???
 We hope to be traveling late winter or early spring to file our I600 and count some fingers and toes!!!
I have so much more to tell you about this precious boy, and much, more to inform you of about concerning our adoption, but my hands are shaking too much! More to come, but I just had to tell you all! THANK YOU to our family and friends that have loved us, prayed for this day, been there to lift us up when we are down! You are all blowing up my phone and facebook, so I'll post it already! :D

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