Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up

Whoa, two posts in one day? I suppose I have a bit of catching up to do! This one is all good news! Today, I managed to accomplish the complete compiling of our dossier! I copied, scanned, and stapled 160 pages of my State Certified Life Story together. Tomorrow, I send it off with another portion of our fees to our agency. After they receive the dossier, we have to have it translated into French and that could take a while. My dossier coordinator said it could be mid May before it's done! Ok, so that is not the good news. BUT, it's done and will be out of my hands in a few hours. This is AWESOME. The good news, is that she told me we should be getting our referral within WEEKS, not months, as we were expecting! I cannot adequately express how badly we want to see their sweet faces. To call them by name, and let's be honest, to SHOP FOR TINY THINGS! :) She also told me that a glitch that I was hyperventilating and crying over was really no biggie. It would all be ok. Exhales deeply... We are on our way!

Another super awesome thing that happened this week is that we completely sold out of one style of our adoption fundraiser tees! We went from selling only a couple to some friends, to selling out in one weekend! God is so good! So now we are taking back orders for that style! We still have plenty of the LOVE Africa tees if ya want one! To be honest, We have almost enough in secured debt to fund our two adoptions, but the less debt we incur, the more financially stable we will be and we are doubling our children so our hope and prayer is that we can raise enough funds through selling our stuff and fundraising to pay for a large portion of our adoption. With one income while I finish school, and two littles on the way, it's a bit daunting to be adding so much to our debt load, but we have seen some miraculous fundraising happen for other adopting families so we are just keeping the faith that we will have some successful fundraisers also. And if not, well we are perfectly happy to go into debt for this reason! We wouldn't do if for a boat, a vacation, or shiny new car, but for our babies? You betcha! I'd mortgage my left arm for any one of my kids!  

So, after a few bumps and bruises, things are looking well. We also got to spend some much needed quality time with the kids and each other this weekend as we trekked from Little Rock, back home, then on to Tulsa, and back home again all in 3 days! Here are a few highlights.

We got to spend a little time at the Discovery Museum in Little Rock...

We ate at a sweet little restaurant where your food is delivered via model trains...

See the rails and platforms overhead? The trains come around to your table and release their cargo boxes (containing your food)  onto the platform. Then the platform lowers itself to your table to deliver the goods! Fun! The kids loved it! A must see if you are in Little Rock with kids.
Then on Saturday night, Richard and I headed to Tulsa to see Jim Gaffigan live, (Hot Pockets!) and we got to stay at this swanky little historic hotel that has been recently revived to it's former glory. Right up our alley. We love old stuff.

All in all, it was a great (although exhausting) weekend! Next up, Easter! So tired... I think we will go out to eat.

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